Assessment of the economic and infrastructural potential of the NWFD regions in the context of the creation of innovative industrial complexes on their territory

Stanislav E. Samburskiy, Head of Internet Communications and PR Department Center for Diagnostics and Telemedicine

The infrastructure of the innovative economy is a system-forming factor in the development of the national economic complex of the country. The infrastructural potential in the creation of innovative industrial complexes determines the economic efficiency of the development of the territory of attraction, which actualizes the issues of assessing the economic and infrastructural potential. The object of the study. Infrastructure economy as a factor of potential development of territorial innovation and industrial complexes. The subject of the study. Infrastructural potential of the territory as a factor of innovative development of the economic system. The purpose of the study. It consists in assessing the infrastructure potential of the territory as a factor of innovative development. Research objectives. They consist in the use of generally recognized scientifically sound data sources; the use of economic and mathematical procedures in conducting research to obtain a quantifiably measurable research result; the presentation of a quantifiably measurable research result. Research methodology. Economic and mathematical methods based on generally recognized methods of economic cognition are used. The results of the study. It is expressed in the detection of the infrastructural potential of an economic nature, which ensures the development of innovative and industrial clusters in the territory of attraction.

„Humanities, Social-economic and Social Sciences“