Not long ago I published an article about the use of computed tomography (CT) to scan chest organs in patients with suspected COVID-19. The article resonated with the audience while CT imaging was positively acknowledged both in Moscow and New York. Some readers, being also regular health care consumers, expressed concern about the safety of imaging studies in the article titled: “Computed tomography causes cancer”. Prof. Sergey Morozov, CEO of Moscow Center of Diagnostics & Telemedicine explained to Stanislav Samburskiy when CT can actually be harmful.

Prof. Sergey Morozov

Why do we need CT?

Routing the patients with suspected COVID-19

computed tomography

Safety precautions

computed tomography

Radiation dose in CT exams

Alternative approaches

Chief marketing officer of Research and Practical Clinical Center for Diagnostics and Telemedicine Technologies of the Moscow Healthсare Department, МВА